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We’re BETA launching an amazing new Competitive Intelligence tool called Unkover. It’ll help you stay ahead of competitors. If you join now as an early user, you’ll get a 50% lifetime discount. All we want is your feedback.

If you’re curious about how we got here, keep reading!

On How We Discovered We Needed a New Competitive Intelligence Tool

Two years ago, we were in trouble.

Suddenly, our blue ocean market was inundated by new competitors.

We had a clear vision, solid roadmap, and strong GTM. We focused on our stuff and decided not to care about them.

But one day, reality hit hard. Not having a Competitive Intelligence program meant we had ten terrible Competitive Intelligence programs.

No matter our decision to ignore competitors, almost every team leader in the company, from product to marketing and sales, had their very personal process for keeping track of all these new competitors.

It was a huge waste of time. One I wanted to solve.

A tool would centralize our Competitive Intelligence, save us time, and align everyone.

Great idea on paper, but… I cannot count how many times I’ve submitted demo requests to the leading competitive intelligence tools.

Guess how many demos we got? Zero. Nada.

I was angry and frustrated. It’s a feeling I know very well. It’s the same feeling I had when I discovered Facebook Ads in 2011 and looked for a tool to split test.

No one cared about us–the small and medium-sized companies with limited budgets and headcounts.

All the market cared about was the enterprise users, who have large pockets and teams to allocate to any function.

So, we did what we did back then: we built our own tool.

Making Unkover

So, we started building a tool that could answer our needs. Then we shared it with a bunch of friends. Then we got more requests by word of mouth and thought… let’s make it a real product.

The rationale is that everyone has competitors, whether you’re a big fish or have just started your first bootstrapped startup. Being able to monitor your competition and stay ahead of them should not be a privilege for large companies.

Introducing Unkover: The Unkover Setup page

Let’s level the playing field.

And here we are today, launching Unkover’s Beta.

We want to be your Competitive Intelligence team at a fraction of the cost and time allocated on your side. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing Unkover: The Unkover Setup page

Traditionally, competitive intelligence is a task for other roles (leadership, sales, marketing, you name it) in a jobs-to-be-done framework that requires CI.

We’ve been told we need a huge department (and big money) to start a CI program when, in fact, you can start by monitoring your competitors’ top pages and email workflows to have a big impact on your revenue.

We built Unkover to be your enabler rather than yet another tool to juggle in your busy day-to-day.

Of course, we’re not there yet. No Beta release is, as you know better than me.

What’s Next?

Unkover still has sharp edges, likely some bugs, and a long roadmap ahead (curious? Here’s what we have in store for you).

Still, you can already get tremendous value out of it right now.

There’s more. You can help us decide what to add next and what kind of competitor data you need the most.

We’d love to have you as one of the early adopters. We’ll give you Unkover with a 50% discount lifetime. All we want in return is your feedback to make it even better for your needs.

You can join Unkover Beta here and lock in this amazing deal today 🙂

I can’t wait to build something great with you!

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